$130 free shipping

This lamp is $6 we are all for some reason compelled to buy a desk lamp that will never be used....

Also available in the 5 piece Collection

-Clear Pore Cleanser

-Instant Matte Toner

-All Over Acne Treatment

-SOS Acne Spot Treatment

-Matte Effect Gel Cream

$105  (this one is obviously the better value).

Comes in 11 colors $63

$122.27 prime

$2 for a pack of 18 hangers...i've found this to be the best price better than Amazon...I bought 4 packs which my friend said is too many..but i can always return....

I've also found that boys pull their clothes off of the hangers and the plastic hanger works better than the huggable style hanger

If you choose not to rent....personally I would rent! Many schools have the fridge microwave combo...do not buy def rent!

A friend of mine suggested some kind of safe might be a good idea for the dorm room....

Ok so I made it through my son's first year of college and I am now revising this...I am not deleting items but will explain why i would keep or pass...

 Ok Mamas follow along with me as I try to navigate through this unknown space....

​warning i will be sappy and at times weepy!! But we will all get through this!

I will be posting as I come across things...any advice is greatly appreciated!

​xo Jen

**contains affiliate links**

ok...so if you follow me on Instagram you would have heard me going on and on about these products last night...IMO sending you kid to college with a skincare regimen is essential...here's the thing, aside from you wanting them to duh...wash their face and take care of their skin...what are the chances your kid will be changing their pillowcases on a regular basis...did you know sleeping on a dirty pillowcase causes breakouts...yup 

so send them with a skincare arsenal...this Countercontrol Set is just the thing!

I didn't spend a fortune on a mattress topper...and for my son he was on a brand new mattress which was firm on one side and soft on the other...but he for sure appreciated a mattress topper

This is a hard pass...my son either put his shoes under his bed or the bottom of his closet

Antimicrobial & Drainage Hole Shower Flip Flops these are a must!!!!!

love this basket weeve drawer tower, it's a more elevated look over just a plain plastic drawer set...less espensive here than Amazon

Set of 5

​Desk lamp, USB charging port, clock, 3 level dimmer...WOW

comes in 11 colors $57.08

Comes in 3 colors $200 free shipping

$140 free shipping

For jackets towels whatever this is a must!

Don't think I'm crazy but i have seen some girls getting these headboards for their dorm room

Dorm Room Essentials

A shower cady is a MUST!


This is the exact fan my son brought to school...no i did not go for a Dyson

 Effortless everyday style

comes in 11 colors $65

These Ikea bags are fantastic and a must!!! I bought the open top bags they are super sturdy I used them to move my son in and out!

The safe is a hard pass for me....many people will buythese safes and their kids will never use!.

i've been told to keep the bedding on the darker side...to hide all of the stains from eating and whatever else happens on the bed....I have also been told to go with a full/queen comforter or duvet so it hangs over the side of the bed, hiding whatever is stored under the bed

Available 2 different ways as a Regimen which includes 4 pieces

-Clear Pore Cleanser

-Instant Matte Toner

-All Over Acne Treatment

-Matte Effect Gel Cream