My friend whose son goes to Cornell swears by these collapsable crates, if you belong to Sam's Club the have them for $9.99. I plan on getting these for under the bed for socks or snacks, whatever... son went to school with 3 of these...they are great he kept them under his bed for snacks, or whatever find them at Costco or Sams Club for like $6 or $7 a piece they are so much more online for some reason


A few Mamas are suggesting these trunks....they provide storage and can be used as a table or as seating.....

Dyson $200

Black & Decker $69.99

 Effortless everyday style


Same price...pick your poison

I hear these little suckers are essential for move in day!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have heard me going on and on about this bag...this will be my son's hamper, yes hamper, i wasn't happy with anything of the pop up style hampers i was finding, i found them this he can slide under the bed fill it with stinky laundry and he can also easily lug it to the laundry room

Update...this was the perfect hamper, my son kept it under his bed didn't take up any room and he just carried it right to the laundry room

Black & Decker $27.99

I'm such a NEWBIE!!

This was something I was not familar with at all! My friend's daughter told me to get this to clip onto the dorm room bed to keep the fan on!

Brilliant! Thanks JJ